Veli-Matti Viippola

Freelance web developer available for hire

Who I am

To make it short; I'm a freelancer available for hire. I have a solid record on delivering various web projects as project manager, frontend developer and backend developer.

If you are looking for someone to create a great website or an online service, looking for an addition to your existing R&D team, hiring an external temporary resource or even thinking of building a completely new team, you've come to the right place. I can help you out.

The following sections describe my professional characteristics and when you reach the last section, do not hesitate to contact me :-)

What I do

During my career I've had the pleasure of having all sorts of responsibilties, experiences and positions one can have in developing online business. Besides technology, I understand the requirements and priorities business wise.

Neverending curiosity on all aspects of web development defines me more as a generalist than a sole specialist (someone could describe me as a full stack developer, if that means anything). I tend to see this as a good thing - being able to adopt to different roles, knowledge on various technologies and trends as well as having a broad view how things work has been professionally a huge benefit. And it keeps working enjoyable and interesting :)


Today, the frontend tends to be the most interesting part from the point of web development. Responsive design, modern javascript frameworks and evolution from native software and applications towards highend websites is something I follow very closely.

I have knowledge on modern frontend libraries & technologies such as Angular.js, Ember.js, Foundation and many others.


While attractive, stylish and easy-to-use frontends are in center of attention, I would not be geek enough if modern backend technologies would not tickle my guts.

Ruby on Rails might be trendy was trendy, Python/Django is for true neckbeards and Drupal well promoted, but I prefer Symfony2 as my weapon of choice. Unlimited options, fast development, great performance. Awesome community and support. Nice.

..but actually I do endorse many different frameworks, I don't really care about the programming language used.


I have a solid experience on project management and team management. The clients I've worked together with have varied from public listed companies to private companies and small organizations. I've lead R&D teams which consisted of several developers and offshored freelancers.


Another position where I feel comfortable is web architect. I have plenty of experience on designing fairly complex web applications for very specific needs. These systems include applications for invoicing, reporting & publishing to CRM systems to name a few.


I also have some experience on entrepreneurship. I've operated as a CEO and a self-employed person, and this never-ending experiment goes on..


I'm not a web designer by any means. I'm a visual person with opinions and ideas, but not the artist who's able to think outside of box when it comes to awesome web designs & also being able to create them :)

However I have a very good network amongst designers to deliver professional designs for your needs as a part of the project you wish to accomplish.

What I have done

During my career I've been in various positions in different companies. I have a wide experience on online business and development.


Entreprenerd / Kvark I/O

2013 - present

Kvark I/O provides consultancy and web development services, specializing in optimizations and service architecture.

Freelance / Veli-Matti Viippola

2007 - present

Web development and consulting with a personal touch & dedication.

Currently I'm working as a freelancer, helping out my exclusive clients build their online business and services.

As I am a generalist (or full-stack developer if you prefer) instead of focused on a single aspect in web, please refer to What I do to understand more what kind of services I can offer you.

CTO / Grabbit Oy

2015 - present

Grabbit is a startup company developing a reverse marketplace platform.

Grabbit is just starting up, so more a bit later..:)

CEO / Internetyhtiö Revanssia Oy

2011 - 2012

We launched Revanssia together with a gang of web professionals in 2011. Revanssia was a digital agency focusing on web development and consulting. Our clients included major publishing companies in Finland.

After just one year in business Revanssia's journey came to an end unfortunately. However this was an important educational part of my career, teaching me a lot of being entrepreneur and a leader.

While being officially CEO at Revanssia, I did also a lot tasks of backend & frontend developer, architect and project manager - talking about keeping hands dirty..

Revanssia organized an online development conference called
D-Day - Design, Development & Digital business. D-Day was one of the first tech conferences in Finland hosting Internet-famous speakers, such as Lea Verou, Vitaly Friedman , Fabien Potencier and many more.

Team Manager / Mederra Group Oy

2010 - 2011

As a Team Manager I was head of our R&D team. This position included all sorts of tasks from development to management. We had several in-house developers in my team as well as several offshored freelancers.

While working at Mederra, I was introduced to many modern technologies in-depth and in practice, I had a great opportunity to learn more about both project and HR management as well as working together with clients from small startups to big corporations.

Software Designer / Snoobi Oy

2006 - 2010

During my years at Snoobi I took part in many different internal projects. Company's analytics tool was obviously one of them, but other projects involved developing internally used tools and processes for sales and management on all levels and departments.

Technically my work involved mostly plain old school LAMP -development.

Software Engineer / Mytronics Oy

2005 - 2006

Web application development on Java -environment.


References are available per request due to confidentiality of clients and projects.

Contact me

I'm online most of the time - the bless of modern day gadgets continuosly hooking me on the Web. However, if you are not waiting for immediately answer, please use this contact form to contact me.

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